Sunday, July 26, 2015

My new socks

Just finished my new socks. This is my second pair. Made these shorter then the first pair. Will see how I like them.

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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Tooth Fairy

- Kenley, your tooth fairy pillow is complete.
Hope you don't loose any teeth until you are a bit older, but your pillow is ready. When you loose a tooth you can out it in the tooth pocket and hopefully get lots of money for it.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Walker bag

Wondering if this will post on both blogs.
Guess I will find out.

Patty a friend from church as me to make her something for her mothers walker to help carry the things she will need when she gets her knee replacement later this month.

So yesterday, I proceed to the shed and dug around in my things out there. i knew I had some material out there from a tote bag that I had made. Hoping ti was enough...nope, but wait there is this orange material that I made those Halloween aprons for , I shall make it reversable. She can put either side out for the public to see or she can display the butterflys. Hope she will soon be up and flying like the butterflies not letting this knee replacement get her down for long!
The pictures do not do this justice! I do love those butterflies!

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fingerless gloves

Not good, not good. If you are going to ask me to make something and I put in two days of work and it cost me $16.54 cents for materials, don't tell my husband that is too much. I could have purchased a big skein of yarn of each color and it would have cost much more. Cost of materials x3 is not much for all the work that I put into these. I am ready to take them, out and literly burn them..I want them out of my house. And for goodness sake don't you ever ask me to make anything else for you. Detailed work on these is time consuming, each one of those tails had to be hidden on the inside, and had I put on colored buttons like the pattern showed, it would have been much more. Buttons are not cheap! Enough of vent. Lesson learned make them pay up front for things! And make the price high, especially if it is a project you really are not crazy about doing!

They are still on my dining room table. They will be the only pair like this that I will ever do! Unless someone wants to pay 80 to 100 dollars for a pair. Then I might consider it, and with money up front!
The pattern is written in UK terms and had to be translated to US crochet terms too.
From the very start to the very finish was a project that simply too way too much time! Detail work was unreal.and to make sure the stripes lined up when you finished and put the buttons on? Well I am a perfectionist and it simply had to match! And yes there are SEVEN buttons on each one! Hahahaha
Never again!

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Prayer cloths mailed

Made and mailed a dozen prayer cloths to Sadies crochet for cancer in Kentucky.

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Boot cuffs done

Boot cuff order done. They do not look the same size, but they are.

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Infiniti scarf

I made an infinity scarf and mailed it to one of my neices.
Guess I made her cry. It isn't perfect, but do like the way it turned out.

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Keto's funny sock/slippers

Started these men slippers on Sunday. Twenty hours later I have completed them. Sure hope my former fellow employee will enjoy them. I will let him have them at a reduced price, but it I ever have to do them again they will be $80 for the set. This was a lot of work!

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Two Ascot ready for delivery

A friend of Bud's ordered two of these. Both the same color and the same style buttons. Finished them this morning. All ready for delivery. Now on to the next order and project.

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Location:Weldon Springs Rd,Clinton,United States

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hats, hats and more hats

And the Lord said "Verna you need to knit hats"
Verna ask. "What? How many?"
The answer seemed very plain. "50 to 100"
My reaction was: "what? Why? Whatever will I do with that many hats?"
About that time I saw a post on facebook........Tosha had posted"Verna-----Max had cancer he will have to go back for check ups. Send her a note. And find out when he has to go"

So knitting I started knitting. I started knitting around the middle of April. And needless to say was a bit obsessed with it cause she told me he goes back in July. 50-100. Kept ringing thru my head as I knitted.

Then I saw they needed to be in plastic bags. So into one gallon bags they went one by one.
They were not all the same size, but I knew they fit little heads. Up to adult heads.

The one variegated yarn made a star on top of it.

There were hats with hearts and elephants on them.

Elephants. The symbol of long life....

One was orange and white. Which I later found out was the color for the kind of cancer that Max had.

I had 65 total hats that I was able to give to Max and his mother Tosha.
They met me at Panara Bread last week.
We took some photos and made silly faces and spent over a hour there talking. And I discover that every year they would take some down when he had his check up but with Tosha having battled cancer too they didn't know what they were going to do this year....then she got my facebook message that I was making hats for St. Judes.....
WOW. We serve an awesome GOD! He had a plan.

Well tonight Tosha posted on facebook, they will be giving the hats out tomarrow. I am going to share her photos here too.

Max chose the orange and white one. He is such a sweetie! This is the one with the colors of the cancer he had.

If she shares more photos I will do an additional post.

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cancer patient thoughts.

Last week when I was doing laundry there was a lady there doing her laundry and her sister's laundry. In speaking to her I discovered her sister had cancer in the throat area and was going to start chemo soon. So I decided I would make her some hats. Also decided to give her one of the prayer shawls I made. She is going to need to know there are people who do care. I was a fortunate one, I did not have to do chemo. So Nancy, these are for your sister, when I get back home this next week I will be calling you to meet me at the laundry so I can give them to you for your sister.

- Hope this lets her know that I hope she beats this cancer!
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Friday, December 6, 2013

Not always good things

Sometimes when you make things and they look good and you are pleased with your work, it doesn't always stay that way.

It turned out looking good in March when I finished it, yet when I washed it, yikes! It went from a size. Single be to a king bed plus size.

There were big holes next to the ladder rungs of this Jacobs ladder bed spread. I was very unhappy with it. There was over $80 worth of yarn in it and not useable for what it was intended. Therefore on Wednesday night I started disassembling this product of many hours of labor.

After that evening and a full day of working on it. It was just a heap of balls ready to be used again.

I started making a scarf for starters. I do not know what all I shall make with this thread but eventually I shall have it all used up again!

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